Item #311907 2 typed letters signed ("Guy Bolton") to World Publishing editor William Targ. Guy Bolton.

On his novel The Olympians

2 typed letters signed ("Guy Bolton") to World Publishing editor William Targ.

Remsenburg, Long Island: February 2 and March 31 [n.y. but 1961].

Price: $500.00

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Together, 2 pp. Autograph postscript on one. 8vo. On his novel The Olympians. On personal stationery. Old folds, fine.

Item #311907

Bolton writes to World Publishing editor William Targ about his recent novel [not named, but The Olympians, 1961] which World brought out. In the letter of February 2 he writes, in part: "The jacket is indeed charming, I have only one ciriticism: I don't think the 'Guy Bolton' should be in black.... I am delighted with the new regarding the paperback deal. My friends tell me New American Library are the top people in their line...." He adds an autograph postscript: "I feel so encouraged I'm planning another books!" In the letter of March 31 he writes, in part: "I hope sales will pick up, I suppose in the long run word of mouth is what counts. My anxiety about the reviews is mounting as April third approaches.... I had a chat the other day with ... a great buddy of the owner of Readers' Digest ... But probably you have already dealt with this question ... At the moment I understand they are concerned with Steinbeck's book.... I worte a little article dealing with the most controversial subject in Shelley's life, Elena Adelaide, the child Shelley claimed as his born in Naples ... I wonder if a paper like Saturday review would print the article together with their notice of the book?" etc.