Typed letter signed and typed postcard signed, to Aaron Asher and a Mr. Cohen, respectively, regarding editions of Mayakovsky, Pirandello, etc.

New York: May 19, 1960 and January 19 (n.y.).

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Staple to postcard, old folds to letter.

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Two items of correspondence from Eric Bentley (b.1916), the prominent translator, editor, and critic. In the letter he thanks Aaron Asher, longtime editor at Meridian Books, for the "handsome edition of Mayakovsky", referring to the 1960 collection The Bedbug and selected poetry, which has introduced generations of American readers to the great Russian poet and remains in print. "It was very enterprising of you to use the Russian text, and I hope the experiment is successful, so that you can do the same thing with other Russian poets." He recommends Woe from Wit by Griboyedov, saying "Only a poet could translate it. I once tried to interest Nabokov but he said No...".
In the postcard to a Mr. Cohen, Bentley asks, "Wd a bundle of Pirandello plays, not so far published here, interest you? The Pirandello Estate authorized me to mention their availability..."