Item #311411 Fishing Record 1886 [Cover title]. Micmac Salmon Club, J. H. Baxter.
Fishing Record 1886 [Cover title]
Fishing Record 1886 [Cover title]

Fishing Record 1886 [Cover title].

[Quebec]: 1886-1888.

192 pp., closely written in various hands, in pencil or ink on sheets of a pocket ledger. 1 vols. 8vo. Original sheep boards. Inkstamp of Mic-mac Salmon Club, Matapedia P.Q., on front pastedown. Finely rebacked to style Item #311411

Record of three seasons at the Micmac Salmon Club on the Matapedia where it joins the Restigouche river with 178 records of daily weather and river conditions, participants and pools fished, salmon and grilse caught (as well as the ones that got away), weights, flies used, and other notes on moods, Poems to the Club House Kitten, friends and fisherman passing through, and other incidents.

The cover of the log book reads “Fishermen will please record in the book each salmon or grilse he has killed during the day. Give weight of each, where killed, Time of Day, Direction of Wind, Condition of river, and sign. Please state number of trought caught and weight of the fish and place where caught.”
The most prolific contributor to the log was Dr. Jedediah H. Baxter (1837-1890), Surgeon General of the U.S. Army, personal physician to President James Garfield (Baxter was not present at the assassination of the president in July 1881, gone fishing?). He wrote some 99 entries and signed many others. James L. High, American attorney, wrote 29 entries and signed records of kills. One day such heavy quantities of logs came down that Baxter had to abandon fishing; on other days visible discharges of sawdust from upriver were a nuisance.

On 15 July 1887 J.M. Oliver, fishing along near the end of the Island pool, was threatened with violence by the Superintendant of the Restigouche Club if he didn’t get over to the other side of the water. “Notwithstanding Robinson’s scaring,” Oliver returned to the same pool the next day and caught a 23-lb. salmon and hooked a much larger one. Discussions with members of the club (Robert Goelet, owner of Toadbrook Lodge, and Mr. Penfold) followed, “They said they were advised by counsel (McAllister of Campbellton) that our right extended not to the thread of the stream but the middle of the water surface” and declined to “adjust” matters; a long letter was sent to the Executive Committee of the Ristigouche Club at 120 Broadway in New York.

Other anglers at the Club waters include Senators O.H. Platt of Connecticut, Wade Hampton of South Carolina, and George Edmunds of Vermont (with wife and daughter); angling author J.A. Henshall (The Book of the Black Bass, Favorite Fish and Fishing, etc.) and his friend Dr. W.W. Dawson; John Milton Oliver (later a founding member of the Izaak Walton League, a conservation group), whose entries have a literary flair; James Daniel Richardson (Confederate soldier and Tenessee congressman, 1885-1905); Samuel H. Kauffmann (newspaper publisher and trustee of the Corcoran); Ripley Hitchcock, E.A. Hitchcock, his wife, and his brother Henry Hitchcock; F.J. Baxter, E.T. Allen, C.B. Burnham, T.B. Mills of New York City.

The 1886 season, 8 June - 10 August, pp. 1-74, 75 salmon killed by Dr. & Mrs. Baxter, Burnham, Dawson, High, Ripley Hitchcock, Kauffmann, Macartney, & Sen. Platt.
The 1887 season, 14 June - 28 July, pp. 75-136, 64 salmon killed, Dr. Baxter, E.A. Hitchcock, Henry Hitchcock, T.B. Mills, Sen. & Mrs. Edmunds, Burnham, High, Dawson, Hitchcock brothers, Oliver, & Sen. Hampton.
The 1888 season, 12 June - 18 August, pp. 137-192, 15 salmon killed, Dr. Baxter, E.A. Hitchcock, Richardson, & Sen. Hampton.

This small salmon-fishing club is not the Micmac Club organized in the 1920s by Walter Meigs (Carmichael, Grand Cascapedia I pp. 236-7), nor a later incorporation in Quebec. An excellent and entirely legible record of salmon fishing on the Matapedia and Restigouche rivers from the 1880s. UNIQUE AND FASCINATING.

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