Item #310808 Autograph: "Josephine Baker, Copenhagen 1928" Josephine Baker.

Autograph: "Josephine Baker, Copenhagen 1928"

Copenhagen: 1928.

Price: $2,000.00

About the item

Signed in pencil on oval half-tone photographic reproduction printed in rose. 6 x 3-3/4 inches. Backed on coated paper, some light surface wear and creasing.

Item #310808

Inscribed "Josephine Baker, Copenhagen 1928" in pencil. Baker's (1906-1975) first performed in Copenhagen in June 1928 in the show "Wien, Wien – Oh Josephine" at the Dagmar Theatre. Her performance, which included her famous banana skirt dance, caused a sensation. The Danish avant-garde embraced her, while the conservative and religious elements of society were predictably appalled by the provocative sexual nature of her performance and by her seemingly fluid gender and racial identity. The photographic image, which shows a topless Baker in pearls and ostrich feathers, was likely clipped from the show's program.