'Sterling Character'

Typed letter, signed, "W.V. Pratt" to Seymour Halpern, in response to Halpern's inquiry regarding the keys to success in life.

Washington, D.C: 4 November 1930.

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2 pp., on Office of the Chief of Naval Operations letterhead. 12mo. 'Sterling Character'. Fine.

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A "sterling" letter from the Chief of Naval Operations. Reading in part: …”every man or boy who has a task to do, or a mission in life to perform, or whom circumstances pleas in a certain calling, who performs that duty faithfully, who is loyal and true to his religion, his family and his country, who is kindly, unselfish and trustworthy, is a success in life… the most important thing in the world for a boy to develop is a Sterling Character.”

Born in Belfast, Maine, Admiral William Veazie Pratt (1869-1957) was a naval veteran of the the Spanish-American, War and World War I, and served as President of the Naval War College and Chief of Naval Operations.