Signed and with a Typed Letter Signed


New York: Doubleday, 2001.

Price: $300.00

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First edition. 8vo. Signed and with a Typed Letter Signed. Original cloth, dust jacket. Fine.

Item #309009

First edition, signed by Palahniuk on the title page. With a 1 page Typed Letter Signed with approximately 20 words of holograph additions in black and red ink. Dated October 22, 2004 from Vancouver, Washington, the letter describes a necklace Palahniuk as made for the recipient, out of quartz, hematite, and freshwater pearls, adding at the end: "I made you this necklace to demonstrate the 'Denny' metaphor from my book Choke: That even the biggest projects are just a lot of smaller tasks, done bead-by-bead. Stone-by-stone." Palahniuk adds two postscripts in his own hand: "Your Power Flamingo is Enclosed" in red ink, and "Wear the Necklace when I come to Boston, next, and I'll know you on sight!!"