Address of the American Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Manufactures, to the People of the United States.

New York: Van Winkle, Wiley & Co., Printers, 1817.

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32 pp. 8vo. Sewn. Shaw & Shoemaker, 39988.

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Address prepared in pursuance of a resolution of the Society and presented at its meeting held in New York on Dec. 31, 1816. - Followed by: On motion, resolved, that the foregoing address be approved, and that the corresponding committee cause 5,000 copies to be printed; and they transmit a copy to the President of the United States, to each of the members of Congress and heads of departments of the general government, and to the governor and members of the legislature of the states respectively. Daniel D. Tompkins, president [and five other officers of the Society].