Menu from a Dinner for Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Edison given by the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies. Signed on the upper cover.

Briarcliff Lodge: September 2, 1909.

Signed in pencil, below a portrait and facsimile signature serving as upper cover. 8 pp. Printed recto only. 8vo. Ribbon bound. Fine. Item #308689

A menu for a banquent in honor of Thomas Edison, with a signed portrait of the inventor. Dinner included Broiled Spanish Mackerel, Saddle of Mutton with Jelly, and Roast Squab sur Canapé. A contemporary account described the event: "one of the most enjoyable and impressive occasions in electrical convention history. The large dining room was most beautifully decorated with vines, flowers and tiny incandescent lamps to the number of many thousands" (Electrical Review and Western Electrician, Vol 55, no 11, pp 465ff).

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