Original Civil War Sketch by a Union Officer

Sketch of Winter Quarters captioned and signed on the rear.

Virginia: 1861.

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WIlliam H. Wyker. 1 p., pencil on paper. 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches. Original Civil War Sketch by a Union Officer. Very Good.

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A folksy sketch of an officer's cabin at the outbreak of the war, reading: "Camp Big Chestnut Winter Quarters in old Virginia 1861."

A native of Easton, Pennsylvania, William H. Wyker enlisted in the First Pennsylvania Regiment at the outbreak of the Civil War. After his three-month term of enlistment, he reenlisted in the 47th Regiment and was promoted to lieutenant of Company E. He served for three years and four months. After the war, he returned to Easton and built several mills. He was later employed by the John T. Noye Manufacturing Company.

In the winter of 1861, the 47th Pennsylvania, as part of the 3d Brigade, set up winter quarters in Virginia, roughly 10 miles from Washington, D.C. They christened the encampment “Big Chestnut” for a large chestnut tree located there. The site was later officially designated “Camp Griffin.”.