Autograph Manuscript, describing the death of Ismail ben Farog, Moorish leader in medieval Spain.


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1 page. 8vo. Small loss at blank outer margin, a few tiny edge tears.

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A page of notes on Ismael ben Ferrag, a Moorish leader in medieval Granada. In part: "With all his courtesy to his Christian foe, Ismael ben Farag was a Moslem of the old stamp. He detested the subtleties with which learned commentators had overlaid the simplicity of the primitive faith ... 'I know of no other principles,' said he rising abruptly, 'but a firm and cordial belief in God. And I have no other argument than this!...." Irving supplies an anecdote of ben Ferrag in his Tales of the Alhambra, though the material in the present manuscript does not figure there. The manuscript likely dates from 1829, when Irving was staying in the Alhambra and making notes towards the Tales, but it may also have been written earlier, in 1827 or 1828, while Irving was in Spain working on his Life of Columbus and The Conquest of Granada.