Mummy Cloth with early Metropolitan Museum of Art Provenance

Mummy Cloth. Fragment with note on envelope containing it.

Thebes: 1200 or 1300 BCE.

4 x 2 inches. Mummy Cloth with early Metropolitan Museum of Art Provenance. Torn strip of undyed plain weave linen mummy wrap. Well worn from original use. Fragile. In envelope. The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vol. 5-6, p. 204. Item #304259

Inscription on envelope, "Mummy cloth of Juono firte - an Egyptian lady who lived during 20th dynasty (1200 or 1300 B.C.) found at Thebes - unwrapped at Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Dr Prime, January 8th 1887. (Cloth given to me by Miss di Cesnola)"

In 1886 the Metropolitan Museum of Art, under the direction of its first director Luigi Palma di Cesnola, made its first purchase of Egyptian works of art, a purchase which is memorable because it was the beginning of the relationship between the Museum and M. Gaston Maspero, the Director General of Antiquities in Egypt. Most likely, Mr. Cesnola's wife who was a member of the institution was there for the unwrapping of a new acquisition done by the first vice president of the museum Dr. William C. Prime. Dr. Prime was also on the committee on objects of art in 1887, and with his insistence Princeton university established a department of art history in which he was chair.

A fascinating piece of Egyptian burial practice with a provenance of the established direction of the Metropolitan Museum of Art during one of the most important acquisition periods of the museum.

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