Book of Heroes

Handcolored woodcut illustration from Heldenbuch. The Giant and Worms.

[Strassburg: Johannn Prüss, 1483.

Handcolored woodcut illustration on a single leaf. Sm folio (26 cm.) Woodcut 13 x 10 cm. Book of Heroes. Matted. Slight soiling, otherwise very good ISTC ih00013400, Schreiber 4196, Schramm 1349. Item #303819

The tales of the Heldenbuch were based on German medieval literature but adapted for audiences in the Renaissance. The epic poetry included in these books of heroes typically include material from the Theodoric cycle, the cycle of Hugdietrich, Wolfdietrich and Ortnit. This folio bears a handcolored woodcut of the giant pulling worms into a trough.

The Heldenbuch is one of the earliest, if not the very first, books from the presses of Johann Prüss, and one of the richest in illustration.

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