The Tariff Question, Election of 1828, ...from Nile's Register. John Quincy Adams.

Adams vs. Jackson

The Tariff Question, Election of 1828, ...from Nile's Register.

np: Sept., 1828.

8pp. 1 vols. 8vo. Adams vs. Jackson. Old folds, some foxing Good plus. Item #302399

"Extracted from the Niles' register of the 20th of Sept. 1828 - and republished that the free laborers of the United Sates may understand this important subject, and resist the movements of the slave-holding states, calling for an unconditional repeal of the tariff laws, for the breaking up of our MANUFACTURING ESTABLISHMENTS, and threatening an appeal to arms to effect their purpose - and resolving to purchase or use nothing produced or made of the states north of the Potomac."

Narrowly passed by congress on May 19, 1828, the "Tariff of 1828," was enacted during the John Quincy Adams administration to protect industries in the northern states being undercut by lower cost imported goods. The tariff, however, hurt the south economically and was derided by southerners as "The Abomination Tariff." Opposed by Andrew Jackson and the Democrats, the Tariff become the subject of political fodder during the Presidential campaign of 1828.

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