Typed letter signed “Mary Chase”.

Denver: 22 November 1959.

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1 page. 1 vols. 4to. To Wesley Hartley, an educator and teacher. Folds, original envelope, else fine.

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Replying to Hartley's enquiry about her writing and education. High school was of importance to her due to her English and Latin teachers. The Latin helping her understand English grammar and the Latin teacher reciting poetry and the English teacher introducing her to Shakespeare. Of college she writes “I would not say that college experience was necessary for creative writing but that it would be a big help in aiding the creative writer to learn the tools of his trade; and also to expose him to an experience of great literature and the mental agility acquired thru the study of other subjects also such as history and languages.…and the creative writer must of course relate in his thinking if not in his actual treatment- to his own time because he is writing for his contemporaries whose minds are imbued with these other factors”.