Two typed letters signed “Marcia Davenport”. Marcia Davenport, American novelist.
Two typed letters signed “Marcia Davenport”

Two typed letters signed “Marcia Davenport”.

Limonto, Italy and Carmel Highlands, California: 15 August 1959 and 19 July 1981.

1 1/2 and 1 page. 1 vols. 8vo. To Wesley Hartley, an educator and teacher. Folds, original envelope on second, else fine. Item #29062

Responding to Hartley's letter enquiring about the influence of her formal education on her writing. She responds “I do not feel that high school and university studies are essential as means of producing creative writing; that comes only from inborn talent. But every kind of education os absolutely necessary for the cultivated mind…I do not believe that people learn how to write books through taking courses in writing in school and college. They must have talent, which only God can give them; they must have exerience, in many depths and layers, which only they can give themselves.” In the second letter she writes “first of all, a mastery of English grammar and English style is the basis…a passionate, fanatical, omnivorous reader…Next it is impossible to be an interesting and noteworthy writer without a broad basis of experience in the world. In other words, the opposite of the self-absorption which is the usual material that beginners deal with. Finally, I Thik it essential that writers to some degree live and read and think in some language or languages other than their native one”.

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