Typed letter signed “Louise Field Cooper”. Louise Field Cooper, American novelist.
Typed letter signed “Louise Field Cooper”

Typed letter signed “Louise Field Cooper”.

New Haven: 3 July 1975.

1 page. 1 vols. 8vo. To Wesley Hartley, an educator and teacher. Folds, else fine Item #29061

Responding to Hartley's letter enquiring about the influence of her formal education on her writing. She responds “As to my education: it was, if not exactly exiguous, certainly it was random. Some courses and teachers were wonderful; some useless. I think the answers to your two questions lie in that…I believe that having another language beside one's own is a great help to a writer. Hard to say why. But it makes for a freedom with words that must surely be helpful…Don't you think that simply reading and reading a great deal, and havin contemporary friends who like to read and think and talk about it, make a basis to rest on? I can't imagine how anyone who actively dislikes reading would even want to put pencil to long yellow paper. But maybe that isn't true…another belief I have is that starting children in on lyric (short) poetry even if they don't understand it all, makes a lovely foundation for caring about how things sound”.

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