Item #29040 Typed letter signed “Martha Albrand”. Martha Albrand, German-American novelist Heidi Hubert Freybe Loewegard.
Typed letter signed “Martha Albrand”

Typed letter signed “Martha Albrand”.

Pattenburg, New Jersey: 20 November 1957.

1 page. 1 vols. 8vo. To Wesley Hartley, an educator and teacher. Folds, else fine Item #29040

Responding to Hartley's letter asking about some biographical details and also about the importance of her education to her writing. “I do want to state quite emphatically that I believe in as good an education as anybody can get. Personally I find knowledge acquired by study in any field enormously stimulating. For me it serves, if nothing else, as a basis of comparison which I find highly valuable for my work. I also think it sharpens ones critical abilities”.

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