Item #28210 Card signed in ink: “Avec grand plaisir / Paul-Chabas”. Paul Chabas.

By the Man Who Painted “September Morn”

Card signed in ink: “Avec grand plaisir / Paul-Chabas”.

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1 vols. 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches. By the Man Who Painted “September Morn”. Fine condition.

Item #28210

Paul Emile Chabas (1869-1937), born in Nantes, was a student of Bouguereau, and became a fashionable and honored painter. His speciality was the female nude, rendered with great charm; his most celebrated painting, produced around the turn of the century was imported by a New York dealer under the title of “September Morn”. It showed a charming young woman standing in a pool, demurely protecting herself against the autumn breezes, but it did not sell until the dealer had the inspiration of putting it in his showroom window and hiring a group of schoolchildren to stand outside and ogle it. This brought down the wrath of the Society for the Supression of Vice (among others) and made the painting the most famous in America. It ended up in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.