Item #27724 Manuscript document signed “D'Usson”. Louis XIV, Jean dUsson Usson, called the Marquis d', Marquis de Bezac.
Manuscript document signed “D'Usson”

Manuscript document signed “D'Usson”.

Bouillon: Au Camp Près Bouillon, 16 June 1690.

In French. 1 1/4 pages. 1 vols. 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. Paper. Some light marginal wear, else very good Item #27724

As Colonel of the Regiment of Touraine and Brigadier des Armés du Roy, he certifies that Destoriers Goldar de la Compagnie de Miramone had served in the military and asks for his admittance to Hôtel des Invalides. In 1701 he was made the Commander in Chief . He received the Grand Croix of St. Louis.

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