Lithographs (3). Piotr Fafrowicz.
Lithographs (3)
Lithographs (3)

Lithographs (3).

2 are 1/40 (Engine 37/40; Phantasmeqoric (12/40); third 1 of 50 (21/50) Castle. Fine Item #266922

Piotr Fafrowicz, one of Poland's leading contemporary artists and illustrators
Fafrowicz was born in 1958 in Szczecin, and attended the Catholic University in Lublin, where he now makes his home. He has done hundreds of book and magazine illustrations, postcards, and other forms, working in traditional tempera and oils. Basing his work on Poland's historic architecture, Fafrowicz creates a fantasy world of strong shapes and colors in dreamlike perspectives and whimsical landscapes. His paintings have been compared to Breughel and Chagall, always informed with Polish sensibility, combining the wonder of childhood with the bittersweet nostalgia of adulthood. He has exhibited frequently throughout Poland and the rest of Europe.

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