Typed Letter Signed, to Charles H. Washburn ("My dear Charley Washburn"), thanking Washburn for a letter, and commenting on several matters, including the joys of grandparenting, Taft's own health, and renovations to his house.

Washington: October 3, 1926.

2 pp., on letterhead of the Supreme Court of the United States. 1 vols. Approx 8 1/2" x 11" Slight rust stains from a paper clip, else fine in attractive matting and silver frame Item #266614

The letter reads: "Thank you for your very kind note of September 30th. I am glad to know that you are in a pleasant place and that you are associating with your own family. The pleasuure of being a grandfather, and the lack of responsibility in the pleasure, is one that I enjoy much. This summer I only had six of my grandchildren in Murray Bay. I had all of my children, but four of the grandchildren were unable to come, because two of them had a temporary illness, and I missed the four very much. One can not have too many.¶So far as my own health is concerned, I am in a situation where I have to be very careful, if I am to do the work in the Court. The newspapers seized upon my illness to spread some alarming rumors, which I did not particularly object to, because if they had proved to be well-founded, there was no reason why the facts should not be known, and if they proved to be ill-founded, the result would indicate that fact. I celebrated by sixty-ninth birthday on the 15th of September with a luncheon of ninety at Murray Bay. That indicated some ability to discharge functions, but I am far from minimizing the condition in which I am and the necessity for observing every precaution to avoid an undesired result.
I hope you are coming to Washington this winter, because I should like to see you. I have just completed a considerable change in my house in Washington and established a Study for myself up high on the third floor, with a pleasant outlook. I have put in an elevator, and on the whole I hope that all this expense (for I am afraid it will run to about $35,000) may not be wholly enjoyed by my devisees and legatees. So if you come to Washington, I want to show it to you.¶I hope everything is going well in Worcester. We tried to give to the town of Milbury a municipal house, but the town seems to have been paralyzed and the whole property is coming back to with a burden of its disposition that is discouraging.
Please give my respectful regard to Mrs. Washburn, and believe me, my dear old man, Affectionately yours, [signed] Wm H Taft"

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