Biblical Scenes, Illustrated

La Sainte Bible.

[Paris: n.d., later 19th century?].

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Half-title, title and 12 printed caption leaves with passage in Latin, each followed by an etching on papier de chine. 1 vols. 8vo. Biblical Scenes, Illustrated. Three quarter citron levant and marbled boards, spine gilt, t.e.g., others untrimmed, by P. Huban. Engraved book label by Provost-Blondel, a helmet with motto Toujours en Face. First two plates with light marginal staining at lower right. Fine. Not in Darlow & Moule.

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Suite of a dozen finely executed erotic etchings, each interpreting a biblical passage (with printed captions in the Vulgate).
Genesis 3 - Adam and Eve before the tree, with sign, Defense de Toucher à l’Arbre de Vits
Genesis 18 - group sodomy scene, three men with turbans, one youth, one woman
Genesis 19 - two women and a bearded man at the mouth of a cave
Genesis 38 - desert scene, man and woman joined, another woman attending with a fan
Genesis 39 - oriental boudoir, woman grasping the man
Judith 13 - classical interior, woman atop the man, on cushions
Daniel 13 - two old men surprising a young woman at a pool
Kings 11 - David descending the staircase with a lyre, in foreground two dark women attending a fair woman at a pool
John 1 - Vox clamantis in deserto. Man and woman, atop a sphinx, bearded prophet and Egyptian hieroglyphics on the plinth
John 1 - Et Verbum caro factum est. Angel joined with a young woman leaning on a carpenter’s bench
Matthew 24 - Vidertis abominationem desolationis. Solder raping a woman in the foreground of a scene of military carnage
Amen - two couples in the foreground of a walled enclosure of erect phalluses, with banners, Grande Exposition de Vits.