The Farmer's Almanac. Robert Bailey Thomas.
The Farmer's Almanac

Complete Set to 1899

The Farmer's Almanac.

Boston: Printed at the Apollo Press, in Boston by Belknap and Hall and others, 1792-1899.

11 vols. 12mo. Complete Set to 1899. Uniformly bound in half brown morocco and marbled boards, in eleven volumes by decade; the first thirty-seven issues, up to 1829, untrimmed. Joints repaired to the first two volumes Sabin 95447; Evans 27792, 26254, 24847, 38630, 36414, 34654, 32922, 31294, 29626; Grolier American 22. Item #261367

An extraordinary complete and uninterrupted set of the Farmer’s Almanac, from the first issue in 1792 through 1899. In the 18th century, the almanac has been said to have been "second only in importance to the Bible" and even into the 19th century "still entered largely into the life of the people, especially those living in the country" (Grolier American). No almanac better represents the importance of the genre than the Farmer's Almanac, which continues in publication to the present day. Complete runs from the very rare initial issues in the 1790s, through the 19th century, are very much the exception.

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