Derrydale Press Ephemera. Derrydale Press.
Derrydale Press Ephemera

From the collection of Don Frazier

Derrydale Press Ephemera.

New York: Derrydale Press, 1928-1935.

1 vols. 8vo. From the collection of Don Frazier. Laid into a half brown morocco folding box. Condition generally fine. Provenance: Don Frazier. Item #261180

An excellent group of Derrydale catalogues and pamphlet ephemera, with notable provenance.

— Books on Horses and Hunting Publishes by The Derrydale Press. Pamphlet. N.d.
— Derrydale Press & Windward House Sporting Books. Catalog Number Eight [Supplementary to Catalogue Number Six]. [1932].
— Derrydale Press & Windward House Sporting Books. Catalog Number Nine. 1935.
— Derrydale Sporting Books and Prints. Catalogue Number 5. 1930-1931.
— Derrydale Sporting Books are the ideal Christmas Gifts. Pamphlet. N.d.
— Derrydale Sporting Books. Catalogue Numer 6. 1931-1932.
— Derrydale Sporting books. Suggestions Which will Help you Sell Them. Pamphlet. N.d.
— Derrydale Sporting Prints. Catalog Number 7. 1931-1932.
— Fall Announcement 1931. Fine Sporting Books. (with a photocopy).
— Fine Sporting Books of the Derrydale Press. The most appreciated Gifts for Sportsmen. Pamphlet. N.d.
— Modern Fine Sporting Books of The Derrydale Press. Especially Selected for Collectors of Fine Editions. Pamphlet. N.d.
— New Derrydale Press Books. Advertisement. N.d.
— Order Form. N.d.
— Spier, Franklin. "Selling Sportsmen - A Problem in Special Promition (in Sport and the Bookseller). Pamphlet. N.d.
— Sporting Books. Sporting Prints. Catalog No. 4. Autumn 1929. Signed by Connett.
— The Derrydale Press Announcement for Autumn of 1928. Catalog.
— The Derrydale Press…Hints in Proof Correcting. Pamphlet. N.d.
— We will be settled at 127 East Thirty-fourth Street New York on July eleventh…pamphlet. N.d. [1928].

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