Riots in Rome: The Spanish Bourbons in Southern Italy - from the Thomas Phillips Collection

Collection of 6 manuscripts relating to the anti-Spanish riots in Rome in March, 1736.

[Rome: c. 1736].

59 pp. in all, on laid paper. 4to (all, with one exception, approx. 27 x 20 cm.). Riots in Rome: The Spanish Bourbons in Southern Italy - from the Thomas Phillips Collection. Provenance: Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford [1766-1827]; library of Sir Thomas Phillipps (ex Ms. 7544); with H.P. Kraus. Item #257005

Following the acquisition of the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies by the Bourbons of Spain in 1736, the conquering Spanish troops, returning through Rome and Papal States, provoked anti-Spanish riots in March of 1736. The following 6 manuscripts, each in a different, contemporary hand, all from the collection of Sir Thomas Phillips and comprising Phillips Ms. 7544, relate to those events. They are as follows:

1) [CONTI, Antonio? attributed to]. “Relazione dei tumulti accaduti on Roma l’anno 1736. Loro origine, e sequele.” [13] pp., on 7 leaves.
2) “Sopra il tumulto populare seguito in Roma il 13 Marzo 1736.” 6, [2, blank] pp. on rectos of 7 leaves. *
3) “Se domanda se un Popolo si solleva tumultiamente nel Domnio altrui contro una nazione con offesa del Sovrano di essa, ottenuto il perdona generale …” 4pp. on two leaves.
4) Same text as above with minor differences (e.g. “amnistà” for “perdona”). 4 pp. 21.5 x 15 cm.
5) Manuscript Letter, fair copy, headed “Sigl. Mio”, 2 [?] Giuglio 1736” beginning: “Non potevate far cosa pui grata all mia amicizia che commnicarmi la lettera trasmessa da Roma …”[12, 4 blank] pp. Docketed on final page: “Relazione dei tumulti seguiti in Roma l’anno 1736 per i scrivi [?] Austrici [?] contro i Spagnuoli”
6) Manuscript Letter, fair copy, headed “Sigl. Mio”. 15 pp. N.p., n.d.

From the collection of Thomas Phillips (1792-1872). “His collection of over 60,000 manuscripts was an outstanding achievement in the annals of bibliophily” (ODNB), and such was the scale that over 100 years passed after his death until the last tranche of the papers were finally sold, in 1977, to H.P. Kraus.

*The attribution would seem to be based on a manuscript of the same title in the University of Chicago, Special Collections Library (v. OCLC: 154339939).

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