'I Sacrificed My All in the Revolution'

Autograph letter signed, ("Joseph Otis") to Jonathan Jackson ("Sir") regarding his position as Collector of Customs.

Barnstable, [Mass]: October 01, 1796.

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1p. pen and ink on paper. 8vo. 'I Sacrificed My All in the Revolution'. Old folds, small tear in margin. VG.

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Joseph Otis (1728-1810), the brother of zealous Massachusetts patriot, James Otis, and a former General of militia known popularly as “Brigadier Otis, was appointed by George Washington, as Collector of Customs for the district of Barnstable, Massachusetts, a post, which though he offered to resign from in our letter, he held until his death. Otis penned this official correspondence to Jonathan Jackson (1743-1810), a Boston merchant and Massachusetts delegate to the Continental Congress, who, at the time our letter was written, was a federal Supervisor of Revenue. It reads in part: “… there is scarcely been any importation of spirrits (sic) into the is district … the business here consists of granting licences to retailers collecting duties of carriages and auctioneers which doth not interfere with the collectors business … if under these circumstances it is necessary for me to resign the inspection office shall recommend a proper person as I sacrificed my all in the Revolution and perquisites from the government of the union should be glad of…”.