Item #246128 Qur'an [Koran]: Manuscript Leaf on Paper: [Surah 48:1-25]

Manuscript Qur'an Leaf: Al-Fath (Victory)

Qur'an [Koran]: Manuscript Leaf on Paper: [Surah 48:1-25].

[N.p: 18th century?].

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Single sheet of polished paper, text of 15 lines, Muhaqqaq script, fully vocalized, with gold aya markers. 11x 15 inches. Manuscript Qur'an Leaf: Al-Fath (Victory). Edges with a few traces of wear and old repairs, bottom line with three letters supplied in manuscript.

Item #246128

"for to Allah belong the armies of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom"

Large and attractive manuscript leaf from the Qur'an, the opening verses of the Surah entitled al-Fath (Victory).