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Hogarth's "Arabia"

[London: printed for the author at the Chiswick Press, April 1922].

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First separate edition, 25 copies signed by the author, this copy numbered "Fourteen" 9, [1, limitation], [2, blank] pp. 1 vols. 8vo. One of 25 copies, signed. Blue printed wrappers, stitched. Fine. In cloth folding case. Fine.

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Doughty's private edition of his review of D.G. Hogarth's Arabia (Clarendon Press, 1922), reprinted from The Observer 19 March 1922. 
David George Hogarth (1862-1927), archaeologist, Arabian traveller, and keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, author of A Wandering Scholar in the Levant (1896) and The Penetration of Arabia (1904). Hogarth travelled to Carchemish in 1910 with T.E. Lawrence, whom he encouraged to learn Arabic. “With the outbreak of the First World War, Hogarth's knowledge of the Arab world and the Ottoman empire was invaluable” (ODNB). He worked with the Arab Bureau in Cairo (and paid for its library there). “Hogarth was largely responsible for the difficult and delicate diplomacy which underlay the Arab campaign so brilliantly conducted in the field by his former archaeological disciple, T. E. Lawrence.”
A fine essay on Hogarth’s late work, Arabia; its cadences reveal much of Doughty and his own view of the land and its people. Hogarth was one of the re-discoverers and champions of Doughty, and wrote the first biographical study of his friend, who died in 1926 and whom Hogarth did not long survive. The work was completed by Hogarth’s son and was published in 1928.