Lynn Bogue Hunt Archive, with His Own Typewritten 'Biography'

Archive of Correspondence with Hermann Kessler, Art Director of Field and Stream magazine, including testimonials about the artist.

[New York: circa late1940s to 1958].

3 photographs, 30 pp. typed or autograph material, and an inscribed copy of How to Draw and Paint Birds. 4to and smaller. Lynn Bogue Hunt Archive, with His Own Typewritten 'Biography'. Condition generally fine Provenance: Hermann Kessler; his widow, Helen Shaw Kessler. Item #242709

Fine archive of material relating to the American artist Lynn Bogue Hunt (1878-1960), from the period late in life when he was facing financial difficulties and was no longer painting (cf. Shelly, Lynn Bogue Hunt, p. 54). Comprising:

- Two-page "Biography of Lynn Bogue Hunt", typewritten, with several corrections in ink, written by Hunt in the third person, late 1940s (mentioning the Field and Stream portfolio), with 4 typed one-page articles on birds (Quail, Wild Turkey, Mallard, Canvasback).

- Two typed letters, signed, from Hunt to Kessler (dated 18-19 October, 1954), describing the layout of his palette and discussing a project to promote Hunt's work

- Typed letter, signed, from Hunt to Kessler (undated), thanking him for proofs and observing "I have long felt that you are one of the outstanding Art Directors of the country. The dress of Field and Stream has become very handsome under your direction."

- Two autograph letters, signed, from Roy Chapman Andrews (the model for INDIANA JONES), Carmel Valley,1954, discussing the move from Connecticut to California and continuing: "Of course I am happy to give you a publicity word! Here it is - if it be useful make the most of it! 'In my opinion, Lynn Bogue Hunt is one of the world's foremost bird painters. he is not only an artist but a sportsman as well. His paintings have a beauty & vitality that comes from first hand stdy in the field.' Roy Chapman Andrews"

-Typed note, signed, from Van Campen Heilner, "Lynn Bogue Hunt is without any doubt the foremost painter of birds, animals and fishes alive today ... "

- Two typed letters, signed, from Jay N. Darling, with a cartoon, signature.

- Typed letters, signed, from David M. Newell, editor of Field & Stream; author John Kieran; and R. C. Murphy, curator of birds at the American Museum of Natural History, with their testimonials.

- Portrait photograph of the artist, brush in hand, before his painting of Wild Turkeys in a forest clearing.

- Two photographs connected with the 80th birthday celebration for Hunt in 1958, one a group portrait, with typed note identifying those in attendance (including Robert Ruark, W. Goadby Lawrence, Arthur Fuller, Bob Kuhn,Tom Rost, etc.); the other of Hunt and E. T. Rigg, president of Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

- a copy of How to Draw and Paint Birds, inscribed from Hunt to Kessler in a shaky hand (many of the full page illustrations credit Field & Stream).

A select group of material preserved by Hermann Kessler, the influential art director of Field and Stream, the publication which commissioned Lynn Bogue Hunt's most widely known work.

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