The New Dispensatory: containing I. The Elements of Pharmacy. II. The materia medica, or an account of the substances employed in medicine; with the virtues and uses of each article, so far as they are warranted by experience and observation. III. The preparations and compositions of the new London and Edinburgh pharmacopoeas; with some of the most celebrated foreign medicines; the most useful of those directed in the hospitals; sundry elegant extemporaneous forms, &c. digested in such a method as to compose a regular system of pharmacy; with remarks on their preparation and uses; the means of distinguishing adulterations; of performing the more difficult and dangerous processes with ease and safety, &c. : the whole interspersed with practical cautions and observations.

London: F. Wingreave, 1799.

Sixth edition, carefully revised. 606, [Index, 42 ] pp. 1 vols. Thick 8vo. Uncut in boards, edges untrimmed, spine replaced with modern paper tape. Some internal staining Heirs of Hippocrates p. 311. Item #234201

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