Autograph Letter Signed, to Lewis Pintard. Elias Boudinot.

"i will send you a Cypher ..."

Autograph Letter Signed, to Lewis Pintard.

Philadelphia: Jan. 29, 1783.

1-1/4 pp. 1 vols. Folio. "i will send you a Cypher ..." Somewhat tanned, neat restoration of small tear in blank margin, else very good. Item #228632

A letter to his brother-in-law, Lewis Pintard, during Boudinot's term as President of the Continental Congress (November, 1782 - November 1783), during which the Treaty of Paris was concluded, whereby Britain recognized (among other things) American independence. Boudinot also helped ratify the Constitution in New Jersey, conducted Washington into New York for the first inauguration, served in the House of Representatives, and led the defense of Hamilton's conduct of the Treasury in 1793. He succeeded David Rittenhouse as director of the Mint in 1795, and retired in 1805. Pintard, was a successful merchant, and commissary of prisoners in New York during the American Revolution. After the Revolution he became commissioner for liquidating claims in New Jersey against the US. He was the chief importer of Madeira wines into the US after the war

Boudinot writes "1 have nothing worth Communicating there being a total stagnation of all News. Hannah [his wife] has greatly recovered ... I have not had an opportunity of seeing Dr. Rush, but will strictly follow your directions as to the House, and will let you know by next Post -- There are no shares in the Bank I believe to be bought, but a few Mr. Morris has to sell, which will not be exposed but for a given Time -- If l can get Time, will send you a Cypher, if not, by another Opportunity -- Dr. Rush just sent me a Letter on the subject of the House which I enclose with some difficulty, as the Members of Congress have engaged not to enclose Letters to any Persons whatever. I am in great Haste Yours Afftly EB."

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