Autograph Letter, signed, to "Ethel" [Hatch]. Charles L. Dodgson.
Autograph Letter, signed, to "Ethel" [Hatch]

Letter to Ethel Hatch

Autograph Letter, signed, to "Ethel" [Hatch].

“Christ Church”, [Oxford]: Jan.30/’84 [1884].

4pp. in Dodgson's purple ink. 1 vols. 12mo. Letter to Ethel Hatch. Fine. In quarter purple morocco and cloth drop case with descriptive lettering in gilt on upper cover. Cohen, p. 527. Item #22745

A touching letter. Ethel being almost certainly one of Dodgson's favorite 'child-friends', Ethel Hatch:

"My dear Ethel,

"I think it will have to be YOU that settles the 'which' as to the new book: but the 'when' is quite another matter. It is quite a High School sort of question - 'If anticipation gives happiness, what will 40 years of anticipation give?" ANS: '40 years of happiness!' My only fear is that is would be too much happiness for you. Still, I know you are a VERY good girl (at least, all the people who live in Canterbury Row, & in that neighbourhood, have never told me anything to the contrary), so I say to myself 'Yes! She DOES deserve it. She shall have 40 years of happiness!'

"Give B [eatrice Hatch] my love, & thanks for her letter: & as she now does a 'different sort' of work from the High School, I send her a question to work out; the like of which was NEVER set there. 'If it is odd to have an undergraduate brother, what is it to have two?' ANSWER: 'Even.'

"Please think of me in the year 1924 A.D. and believe me,

"Yours always affectionately


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