Original Half-Tone Electroplate Blocks for Derrydale Catalogues

Original copper half-tone printing blocks of Derrydale sporting prints illustrated in two Derrydale and one Frank Lowe catalogue.

New York: Derrydale Press; Frank Lowe, 1937-1940-Ca. 1945.

A total of 25 blocks, some with proofs pasted on back, plus a copper plated zinco of Lowe's order form. Accompanied by three catalogues in which the images appeared. Various sizes, from 1-3/4 inches square to 5-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. Original Half-Tone Electroplate Blocks for Derrydale Catalogues. Blocks in fine condition; catalogues somewhat crumpled, with annotations by an earlier owner Item #225468

A nice sampling of electroplate catalogue blocks, from the estate of Frank J. Lowe, who carried on the production and sale of Derrydale sporting prints after the Press closed at the start of WWII. They comprise: Paul Brown: foxhunting scenes: "Hoick! Hoick! Hoick!" (2 sizes); "Pressing Him", and "Kennel Bound" (2 sizes); A.B. Frost: "Coming Ashore" and "October Woodcock Shooting"; Edwin Megargee: "Staunch" and "Steady"; Gordon Grant: "The Weather Mark"; Franklin B. Voss: "On a Fresh Line", "Over the Open", and "Working It Out"; Ralph Boyer: "An Anxious Moment"; J.D. Knap: "Reflections"; Roland Clark: "Dropping In", "Taking Off", "A Straggler", "Calm Weather" , "Open Water", "Seclusion", and two untitled, one of which does not appear in the catalogues. Also present is the block used on the cover of Lowe's Catalogue 46 (Ca. 1945) bearing the Derrydale Press logo.

Provenance: Don Frazier.


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