Album of 34 Chinese watercolor paintings on paper

Album of 34 Original Chinese Watercolors

Album of 34 Chinese watercolor paintings on paper.

China: Ca. first half of 19th century.

34 scenes, on paper, each featuring several figures in traditional dress disporting themselves amid landscapes (and, in a few instances, houses), all done by the same artist. Each picture is a separate scene; subjects include fishing, visiting, boating, farming, wrestling, courting, harvesting rice, and hunting--a particularly effective image shows a tiger hunt, and several scenes include wild and domestic animals. 1 vols. Images measure 8-3/4 x 7 inches plus margins bringing the overall page size to 11 x 8 inches. Album of 34 Original Chinese Watercolors. The mounted leaves are linked in the Oriental accordion fashion, and contained within two substantial wood covers. Fine condition. Item #218778

A very interesting and engaging collection of genre scenes. The trees, rocks, and landscapes are particularly well rendered, and the figures are full of life. The pictures in many such albums often follow a sequence of events (going on a journey, etc.); this one gains by having a variety of unconnected events and individuals, and the whole production is a delight to behold.

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