The Principles of Agriculture and Vegetation.

Dublin: G. and A. Ewing, 1759.

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Third edition. 103, [1] pp. 1 vols. 8vo. Removed, signature of David Ross on title page. cf. Fussell II, p. 36; cf. Goldsmiths 9219; cf. Higgs 1391; Perkins 816; Sir John Russell, in Soil Conditions and Plant Growth (1912).

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First published in 1757, this came out in the same year as the second edition.
"The book is a great advance on anything that had gone before it, not only because it recognizes that plant nutrition depends on several factors, but because it indicates so clearly the two methods to be followed in studying the problem - pot cultures and plant analysis. The problem, indeed, was carried as far as was possible until further advances were made in plant physiology and chemistry.' Home made a very real contribution to agricultural science" (Russell).