Wheels within wheels

Typed letter signed, “Bernie,” one page.

New York: 597 Madison Avenue, 8 June 1942.

Price: $350.00

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1 vols. 4to. Wheels within wheels. To Fred[erick A.] Willis, of Auto-Ordnance Corporation and 80 Broadway. Thanking him for the compliments, writing “I am going to try to merit some of them.” Accompanied by an autograph letter signed by Mrs. Gladys Van Henkelom to Baruch ( 1 July 1942) requesting his assistance in helping her chauffeur, Frank Bentley to get a job as a machine gun instructor or in a munitions plant. Attached are carbons of letters from Fred Willis to Baruch and to Mrs. Van Henkelom (9 July) stating his willingness to assist their requests and to forward Mr. Bentley's name to his plant manager for consideration. Also attached is the inter-office memo to Mr. Willis from Mr. Huss (14 July)stating that he had sent Bentley an application and would follow up.

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Auto-Ordnance Corporation manufactured the Thompson Submachine Gun and other “tommy” guns.