The Federalist Party

Manuscript political Circular, with integral address leaf, addressed to Messrs Clement Leach, Jedediah D. Commins & Jacob Stevens, Lima [Livonia] from William Shepard, Myron Holley, Henry F. Penfield, Dudley Marvin and Ebenezer F. Norton, one page.

Canandaigua, New York: 2nd April 1814.

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1 vols. 4to. The Federalist Party. Folded. A few small holes from removal of seals and from insects, else an attractive interesting piece.

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The authors were the Committee of correspondence for the county of Ontario regarding the forthcoming election. “The spirit of true federalism is shaking off its lethargy and increasing the number of its followers every where, by the truth of its predictions and the patriotism of its actions, we confidently trust it will shoon shake off its appeasions. The evils under which our country groans have been incurred without necessity; and these evils are certainly great, but they have not yet been able to extinguish the love of liberty, nor to destroy the means of securing it. The pillars which have long supported the democracy of the United States are tottering and the whole edifice is shaken to its foundations by the late events of Europe. Let the followers of Washington not be wanting to there principles in this great emergency and we believe the monuments of folly and faction, which now deface our country will be so far overthrown as hereafter only to perfolm the friendly office of beacons.” They encourage the three to bring out the Federalist voters in their town and secure their votes to restore the country.