Original Wood Engraving Blocks of Robert E. Lee

"Lee at Petersburg" and "Lee at the Soldiers' Prayer Meeting": two original wood engraving blocks.

New York: Probably originally printed in Appleton's Journal, [Ca. 1864-65].

Price: $750.00

About the item

1 vols. Blocks are each approximately 4-1/4 x 6-5/8 inches and one inch thick. Original Wood Engraving Blocks of Robert E. Lee. Each block has a slight crack where the original segments were joined; else fine.

Item #15408

Two very fine engraved blocks, used to illustrate a periodical of the day. Both are well-composed, with numerous figures, and featuring Lee in a central role. The "Prayer Meeting" block is signed "Richardson Sc" [possibly the artist and wood engraver James H. Richardson] in the block; "Petersburg" bears in the block the name of the engraver John Filmer. Filmer did a number of engravings for Appleton's Journal, and that is likely the publication in which this block, and possibly both of them, originally appeared.