Original Huckleberry Finn Illustration by Worth Brehm

“King and Duke Find the Money,” from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Ca. 1923.

Worth Brehm. Published by Harper & Brothers in their edition of 1923. Charcoal on artist’s board, signed at lower right. 1 vols. Image size 21 x 15 in. Original Huckleberry Finn Illustration by Worth Brehm. Fine. Item #12733

A fine dramatic depiction of the moment when, with Huck holding the candle, the King and the Duke examine the sack of gold coins they plan to swindle from Peter Wilks's rightful heirs. Worth Brehm was exceptionally skillful in his rendering of reflected light, and the use of it in this picture is remarkable. As with virtually all of the artist's illustrations, the greatly reduced published version pales in power and significance with the original drawing, which has an intensity the printed image cannot approach.

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