The Witching Hour, Issue 20 Page 1. Comic Art, Nick Cardy.
The Witching Hour, Issue 20 Page 1

The Witching Hour, Issue 20 Page 1.

DC Comics Inc, May 1972.

16 x 10 inches. Fine. Item #101263

The Witching Hour was an American comic book anthology focusing on stories of horror and the supernatural. The stories were hosted and introduced by three witches, based on Macbeth's Weird Sisters and the archetypal Maiden/Mother/Crone characterization. This first page shows the three witches, Morded, Mildred, and Cynthia, getting settled in their new apartment in which they attempt to figure out how to find food, and share a residence with a vulture. These pages are a rarity because of their small inclusion in The Witching Hour.

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